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Why arizonans love porcelain tile

Any tile is versatile and can be made to look like anything, from stone to wood and fabric and leather. Porcelain is particularly popular in Arizona. It's strong and easy to clean. It's also eco-friendly because it's made from materials that come right from the earth, such as clay and sand, and needs no harsh chemicals to clean it.

As a tile flooring retailer, we know just how tile can add an artistic touch to the floor, walls and tub/shower surrounds. It's also one of the most affordable, durable, and versatile flooring materials around. We carry a big inventory of both ceramic and porcelain so feel free to visit the A&R Flooring showroom in Cottonwood, AZ to see and hear more.

Porcelain is a large format tile

Today, the trend is for bigger and bigger tiles. Porcelain has a large range of sizes, and it can be as large as 24 X 24. Arizona loves stone, and a good alternative is a porcelain that mimics marble, terrazzo, slate, etc. Many feel that porcelain's large format and fewer seams give it a more continuous look such as that from the quarry.

While it is considered a type of ceramic, the composition not only includes clay but also stone and glass. This makes it heavier and denser. That is why you will often see it on floors in busy rooms.
It is composed of a non-porous clay called kaolin. Therefore, it's waterproof whether or not it's glazed. That lack of absorption eliminates stains and adding to the ease of cleanability. It can also be used outside on deck and patio floors, as well as poolside. Of course, there are other ceramics, such as the 4 X 4 squares we all know, mosaics, terracottas, and subway tiles.

Excellent heat transference: An advantage especially to hot and sunny locations

The temperature can sometimes go as high as 100 degrees or more in Arizona. If you walk into a room (in bare feet) with tile flooring that’s already chilly it will transfer to your entire body. It will make you feel cool. Keep in mind that it also works the other way, such as when a patio or deck is in direct sunlight.

For more information about tile or any of our other products, visit or call the A&R Flooring showroom in Cottonwood, AZ. We service Cottonwood, AZ, Camp Verde, AZ, Clarkdale, AZ, Lake Montezuma, AZ, && Sedona, AZ. Ask about our estimates.